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Also if you make him faint will he reappear later

Level 75

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He will be at level 75 and have the moves

Dragon Pulse

You will find him in the Giant Chasm,
and he has a catch rate of three, and if you want to compare that to someone, other pokemon with a catch rate of 3 are.

Tornadus,Thunderus,Latios and Latias, and the legendary dogs.

and I don't know about him reappearing, but if you just save before you fight him, you should be ok.

Also cobalion has a capture rate of 3
Yeah, I noticed that the only people I put were run around people.
Raquaza and the legendary Birds also have the catch rate of 3.
level 75? dang. My darkrai is only a level 70! I still gotta train my Reshiram and Victini big time! To be safe I'll train them to 80. I encountered Kyurem and I was sooooooo scared. Then my sis came in the room and said "HEY!!!!!!!!!" She made me so scared i pressed the power button. I gave myself a face palm and said "Do you have ANY idea WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO DO!?!?!?" She said "No" then had this expression on her face o_o. Then she said "Sorry, was gonna tell you we were having Pizza tonight." I was sooooooooooo pissed at her, but I got over and it and realized I can NOT defeat Kyurem LOL