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You see, I recently KOed Kyurem, and I have NO idea if and how to get him back in Giant Chasm. Can you?

You can always save your game before a Legendary Pokemon, that way if you KO it or run out of Pokeballs, or it even KOs you, you can just restart right there.
next time why don t you save the game right beside him than battle him and if you knock him out you can shut your game off and shut it back on
I have the same problem and I don't want to fight the pokemon league again.
I had the exact same problem. So I defeated the Pokemon League again and got Kyurem!
Soon I fused it with my Zekrom.

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Yep, just defeat the elite 4 again. Come back. It'll be back.

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I versed them and went back for him but wasn't there!
i've defeated them 32 times. he's still not there.
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I think he is one of the Pokemon that come back if you defeat the elite four again. I may be wrong but if he can come back that's how you do it.

you are correct
But BEWARE. The elite four now have 6 pokemon in there party, all of them ACCEPT there last ones at level 71. There last pokemon are at level 75.