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You see, in the Giant Chasm, I've gone through the Double Grass and into the first cave. I searched around and Kyurem wasn't there. So I go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom of the cave. I've walked all around that grassy area, yet still I can't find Kyurem. Plus. there's a cave surrounded by trees that I can't get to. So, where is Kyurem??

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Yo have to go around the forest one time, then when you reach the entrance to the forest from the first cave you will see a line of trees. Go to them. Walk along them until you see a bit of the pond.Go back to the place were you exit the cave and jump over the stick and you will see a entrance that WAS NOT THERE when you first got there. (This is because you saw a bit of the pond) Walk into it.Go to then pond.Then you will hear a loud RAWR, (LOLZ) , and a HUGE blizzard will come.Then you will be able to get to the stairs easy.Use dusk balls.AND DO THIS ALL AT NIGHT IF YOU CAN!!! Hope this helps!

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I see your problem. I can fix that.

You see, Kyurem is not directly if front of you when you enter the second cave entrance. You will aproach a maze full of tall grass and trees. Sounds simple, huh? But its not. If you go to the middle of the maze, a little to the left, go right in the trees. Navigate your way and find a way to a small area with a small puddle. Once you approach here Kyurem will yell as it realizes your here. It will fill the whole maze up with snow, crating a white area with no obstucles. If you go to the top right you will find stairs and another cave entrance. Enter and find Kyurem.

Remember to save - just in case. Dusk Balls are very effective since this battle is in a cave, so bring at least 15 along. Press A and fight Kyurem! First, lower it's HP with move that are weak against in to avoid accedently KOing it. False Swipe is very helpful to have when Kyurem's HP is red. Use a ball once you have lowered it HP as much as you can, and if you are able to give Kyurem a status problem, do so.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your Kyurem!

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This is very helpful Fizzcube! Thanks
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you go into the grass and then go into the very middle where the is a little puddle then kyurem will cry and snow will cover all obstecals and then you go to the top right corner into a cave and battle kyurem.

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After the fist cave you must go into the middle of the grassy area and press A in the middle of the pond, then in the top right corner there will be stairs at the top in another cave you will find Kyurem. He is very hard to catch.

Hope this helps:)

Go Kyurem!

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