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Dang that is an expensive card you are super lucky

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Well, from what I’ve seen, it’s worth a few hundred dollars at most (about 200-400, usually, but I’ve seen it on websites for as much as 2000). Well, if this card is what you’re referring to (in English though, I presume):

You can sell it on places like eBay, or you can find a special TGC website, where you can sell your cards. You could also try to find someone and meet them in person, but I recommend a website.

Also, that’s a super good card! Congrats!

Hope this helps! :)

I have a site, https://www.trollandtoad.com/pokemon/sun-moon-burning-shadows-singles/charizard-gx-150-147-hyper-rare/1123665
You can sell it for 250 dollars or whatever the equivalent is if you are in a different country with different currency