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Evolutions holo, probably costs a good bit
Around how much??

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If I am not mistaken, yes that is real. Unfortunately, that is from the xy evolutions expansion, which is relatively new and not very old. Don't be disappointed tho on amazon it's $70 if it's a holo, which I belive yours is.(idk hoe true this is, but I know it costs some)It's pretty good, but it's not like those ones from the very first expansions that cost much over $100 tho lol.(about $1300 ) (And uh sorry if you don't live in america, use a currency calc to find the approximate cost for u)(I should also note that I may or may not be correct, but it appears real. If it came out of a booster, it's real. If it came from a friend, it depends how reliable they are. If it's from some random place on ebay, you may want to go to other sites where there are many more Pokemon collectors who have tips on identifying fake cards)
Hope I helped!

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Thank you!! I’ve been trying to know this all day
Over 100? That thing costs thousands
Yes I know. Oops I thought I put way more than $100. Ill edit the exact price in
It's apparently 1110 Euro in Europe if it costs 1300 in America
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That is a real charizard, yes. It is from an expansion called Evolutions, which is full of cards that look like the cards from Base Set. It s says here https://www.trollandtoad.com/pokemon/xy-evolutions-reverse-holo-singles/charizard-11-108-rare-reverse-holo/1105308
That the charizard is worth about $49 in good condition. Congrats!

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Thank you so much!