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I recently started competitive battling and I'm building a team around Mega charizard x. I started on him and I think he's pretty good but he needs a final move.

Charizard Nature: Adamant EVs: 252 ATK 160 SPE 96 SPA Item: Charizardite X
Flare Blitz, Dragon Claw, Fire Blast and ???

Recommendations please.

Umm that is only for regular charizard and that was an old thing he/she is entitled to ask this question
No, Mega sets also go on that thread. The fact it's old is also irrelevant as it contains recent posts as well.
I'll leave this since it has an answer it's been there for a while, but these still count as moveset posts as the main moveset threads can provide an answer for them.

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So far, the 3 moves you planned out so far are both fire and dragon types. In result, it's super-effective against 5 types. Flare Blitz is a strong move, but results in recoil - good for the max attack though. However, Fire Blast is also a strong move, but it has only 85 accuracy - and also goes under your special attack (the weaker side). I think you should have only 1 fire move, and make it either fire punch or flamethrower (something certain and appropriate). Having 2 fire is your choice, but I would recommend taking one of these moves ; unless you prefer to be a rough fighter. Therefore, take 1 fire move and make it flare blitz. This is STAB #1.

STAB #2, dragon claw. Good move, no questions here.

If you take my suggestion - and have two empty slots left - I think you should substitute it with a dark, flying, or electric type move. Each of these types can provide you with 2 extra super-effective type coverage. Plus, charizard can learn good moves in each category: Crunch, Wing Attack, and Thunder Punch. The only downfall is the weaker flying type move. So, I suggest going with Thunder Punch and Crunch. Wing attack can hit all Pokemon in triple battle - if you find this useful. (these moves are tutor/egg moves)

Now, having a fire, dragon, dark, and electric type moves can provide 9 super-effective and neutral to the other types. If you want to keep 2 fire moves, take either electric or dark (2 extra super-effective). This would provide you with more PP and a biggest STAB move set.

Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)

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Thanks thats about exactly what I would go for.