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[email protected]???
Focus punch(Don't question it)
Knock off

Could you help me with what to put in the blanks? Those who take a huge blow from focus punch and live and try to switch could die to pursuit, so I planned that in the move, but I'd still like suggestions.(also if you have any ideas for replacements of other stuff, I'd aknowladge that aswell as the ones I need.)


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Tad..why does it have focus punch...krook gets superpower, you know..anyway..if you're really adamant about keeping focus punch (see what I did there?) Then you can fill your last move slot with stone edge, since earthquake is a highly predictable move from our beloved bandit croc. The great part about krookodile's typing is that levitate is mainly a psychic type ability, and switching into a stab knock off is not enjoyable. anyway, there ya go. Take care.

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Ah. And I have luck with focus punch, I ran sub punch abomasnow and never got a punch under the sub, yet got so many slaughtered setup mons from focus punch.

Focus punch is god
Oh and Evs and item pls