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The last question I asked was about my 4th charizard move so people suggested things like roost or substitut
well problem is :
subsitut takes hp and doesnt last for long
roost:after roost has been used the pokemon is in danger to get hitted by ground moves and charizard will be super effected

help me and if it helps my charizard is a mixd swipper

and is my lv 62 charizard is in a good progress ? (its mild nature and a mix sweeper)
146 attack
110 defance (mild nature)
176 sp attack
126 sp defance
158 speed
200 hp

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Flamethrower: STAB
Earthquake: Is Earthquake.
ThunderPunch/Dragon Pulse: Coverage.
Air Slash/Focus Blast: Coverage or STAB.

And Substitute+Roost is Great. Substitute Stops Damaging To Zard, and Roost Heals Up The Substitute Damage. If Zard has The Berry That Raises SA(Or Speed) when low in HP, this is even better, becuase Zard would use Substitute 3 Times For Protection and Berry Activation, then with boosted Stats, Roost Up(Roost only takes away the Flying Type For 1 Turn so its hard to predict roost and Hit Him with Earthquake) and with decent HP and Raised SA/Speed, He can Sweep Like Heck:)

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I actually find Roost is almost useless. Just make use of that Blaze boost.
Since im ev training my charizard only for speed and attack
i thinkits defances are realy low and it  will be easy to just kill it after subsitut is gone
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Maybe this: Focus Blast, Heat Wave/Flamethrower, Air Cutter/Fly, Shadow Claw/Dragon Claw

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