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I know it works, and I play competitively, however I'm not a fan of Uber nor OU. I like using creative sets that catch players off guard. That being said, do you approve of this set:

M-Charizard (Yes, I know this is OU, but its not the standard set so I make an exception)

Jolly Nature (To outspeed as much as possible)

126 Hp, 126 SpD, 252 Speed

Sleep Talk
Dragon Tail

This set gives me 66% chance of using an unburdened Rest or Dragon Tail, because the Sleep Talk causes Dragon Tail and Roar to maintain a priority of 0 every turn. I use Rest on turn 3 of the sleep to heal back up and go back into the pattern. I set up with my Smeargle before Charizard, which has Sticky Webs, Stealth Rocks, and Toxic Spikes. I know this is extremely vulnerable to taunt and I keep that in mind. Do you think it is too gimmicky? I've seen it put MASSIVE dents in teams, also it has failed miserably. Opinions?

It's not actually that an unusual set. I've seen variations before

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not bad, (I prefer hype offensive charizard) that works well to catch the enemy off guard and ive actually seen that exact set before and I almost got destroyed by it