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Do you mean moves that are already TM/TRs, not, say, Dynamax Cannon or something like that?
Mega-Blade X yeah sorry for the confusion
No worries. Just checking.
Tell me if you want TMs as well.

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Let's have some fun. I am going to start with TRs. Source: the pages of these moves. Also, this should be accurate until the movesets of future Expansion Passes are released.
Swords Dance- None
Body Slam - None
Flamethrower - None again.On
Hydro Pump - None. Seeing a trend already.
Surf- None
Ice Beam - None
Blizzard- None
Low Kick- None
Thunderbolt - None
Thunder- None
Earthquake - None.
Psychic- None
Agility- None.
Focus Energy - None
Metronome- None
Fire Blast- None. Finally, a short level up list!
Waterfall - None
Amnesia- None
Leech Life - None. Another Short one!
Tri Attack- None
Substitute - None. Did you know only Rotom and forms learn this via level up?
Reversal- None
Sludge Bomb - None
Spikes- None. Have you considered Pokémon is scamming us?
Outrage- None. All the good attacking moves cost 5,000 Watts. Hmmm.
Psyshock- None.
Endure: None
Sleep Talk- None
Megahorn- None. I forgot how many TRs there are.
Baton Pass- None.
Encore- None
Iron Tail- None
Crunch- None
Shadow Ball- None
Future Sight- None
Uproar- None
Heat Wave- None
Taunt- None
Trick- None
Superpower - None
Skill Swap- None. I think this is the rest of them, but I will still check.
Blaze Kick- None. Only Hitmonlee learns this. Huh.
Hyper Voice- None
Overheat- None
Cosmic Power- None
Muddy Water- None
Iron Defense- None
Dragon Claw- None
Bulk Up- None
Calm Mind- None
Lead Blade- None
Dragon Dance - None
Gyro Ball - None
Close Combat- None
Toxic Spikes- None
Flare Blitz- None
Aura Sphere- None.
Poison Jab- None
Dark Pulse - None
Seed Bomb- None
X-Scissor- None
Bug Buzz- None
Dragon Pulse- None
Power Gem- None
Focus Blast- None. No Pokémon learn this via level up.
Energy Ball- None.
Based on 65 TRs, I can say that it is safe to say that no Pokémon learn moves via level up that can't learn moves via TR.
Also, I will still check the other TRs. I checked TMs as well, it is the same as TRs. I can say with reasonable certainty that all Pokémon in Gen. 8 that currently learn TMs or TRs via level up will also learn them.by the TM.or TR.
Hope I helped!
P.S: Please comment if I missed anything. I don't think I did, but I could have.

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