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This is on the vs recorder. I wanna see the details on the other guy's Pokemon so I can figure out what I should have done when I watch the replay and none of us are particularly keen to share our strategies. So is there a way to look at this info, other than making wild guesses by doing mock battles?


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Unfortunately, no. I’ve done a few Mock Battles to test this, and the only was is via methods like Frisk/Knock Off, and for EVs, well, there isn’t a way. I guess you could hack the game, I don’t know much about hacking, so I’m not sure. Anyway, to find items, have a Frisk Pokemon, or a Pokémon with Knock Off. As for EVs, you’ll just have to take a guess.

Source: experience (also, this article said nothing about checking EVs/items)

Hope this helps! :)

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Well, that sucks. There's no way to confirm the evs unless it's the shiny ones
Sorry about that.
It's not your fault. Don't be. Thanks for the help though
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