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I need another Black Kyurem for one of my teams and I don't want to relocate the one I currently have when I'm selecting my team because I'm picky and I want my boxes to be organized. So is there a way for me to get two Black Kyurems?


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Unfortunately, no. While you can technically trade for Kyurem/Zekrom, there is only one of each available in USUM, from wormholes, and Black Kyurem itself can't be obtained via another method besides the DNA Splicers.

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Even if you trade for extras from another save file or another player entirely, the way the fusion items are coded to work (along with the inability to trade already-fused forms without unfusing them first) means that, on any given save file at one time, it is only possible to have a maximum of one Dawn Necrozma, one Dusk Necrozma, and one Kyurem fusion regardless of color.