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What exactly happens if I use an external software to clone an existing Black Kyurem? Does it break the game or something?

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Can't you trade them so it would be alright to have multiple(correct me if I'm wrong and there's no way of getting multiple).
You can have both forms in Black and White 2, but I do not believe you can transfer them over.
I didn't trade them. As I mentioned, I used an external program to clone my existing Black Kyurem
Yes, but I was saying that because without the program, it should be possible to get it, so why would it break
Is it? I thought it wasn't. Whenever I try to get another Black Kyurem the legit way, the splicers keep saying that it can only undo a fusion. This is on usum btw
Ohhhhh yea forgot about that. Yea, I dunno then

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Nothing happens if you have two of the same form. The reason it's not legitimately possible is because the game has to keep track of which Pokémon you fused to recreate it when you undo the fusion, and it only keeps track of one fused Pokémon at a time (well two, one for the Kyurem fusions and one for the Necrozma fusions). Having both forms at once does create an issue where you can defuse one into the wrong Pokémon (because the game just retrieves the previously fused Pokémon data regardless of which form is being defused) but that's not really game-breaking, just mildly amusing.

What exactly happens if I unfuse the illegitimate Black Kyurem I have?