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I know i've already asked a similar question, but i would really like some advice on how to improve my party.

My party:

Volcarona lv69,
Ability: Flame body,
Sassy nature,
Fire blast,
Heat wave,

Zoroark lv69,
Ability: Illusion,
Adamant nature,
Foul play,
Night daze,
Focus blast,
Sucker punch

Bisharp lv69,
Ability: Defiant,
Impish nature,
Night slash,
Iron head,
Focus blast,
Stone edge

Eelektross lv70,
Ability: Levitate,
Impish nature,
Grass knot,
Wild charge,

Hydreigon lv69,
Ability: Levitate,
Hardy nature,
Draco meteor,
Dragon rush,
Hyper voice

Darmanitan lv73,
Ability: Sheer force,
Docile nature,
Flare blitz,
Bulk up,
Hammer arm,

I would like to add Wash Rotom because i need a water type pokemon that can learn surf, so i can delete surf on my Hydreigon and give it a more effective move. But any improvements to my party would be much appreciated also (ie movesets, pokemon... etc). :)


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i suggest you keep your team and have rotom in your next save, it's kinda cruel to just dump a team member, plus, the team you have now is excellent.

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If you want to dump someone for a rotom wash form I would suggest you to dump Darmanitan Since you already have a part fire type.
Another thing I think you should do is to skip grass knot on eelektross and learn it u-turn
then learn bisharp grass knot instead of night slash
Your rotom should have modest nature (+ sp.atk -atk)
And your hydreigon should learn thunder wave instead of surf if you gonna teach rotom wash form it

I hope my tips work for you and that you find a way to work it out

Paddor ;)

sounds good, but i use my darmanitan for fighting type moves to help against grimesly of the elite four, and he is my strongest pokemon by far. i was thinking of dumping eelektross because wash rotom can also learn electric-type moves, but im finding it really hard to decide. Any advice on a fighting-type if im going to dump Darmanitan??