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I was wondering this because I want a way to get moves that are learned at level one other then hatching or using the move relearner.

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As long as you can find it at a level below the level that it's slated to learn the fifth move on its level up list, it will still know the first move. If you can't find it at such a level, or if it has something like 8 different level 1 moves where the first four will never be accessible in the wild no matter what level it's at, your only option is the relearner (unless the move is also a TM move or similar, or if it appears on the learn list a second time at a later level).

The move I'm talking about is wood hammer on Mimikyu
You said Platinum though....?
Which game are you asking about? Platinum or something else?
your right I will change that right away. I got mixed up I think because I was thinking of mismagius when I made the question, and then I thought of Mimikyu and I fergot that Mimikyu was a generation 7 Pokemon. Thanks for seeing that!