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I was wondering if anyone knew of something that could make coming across Gigantamax Pokemon easier. The three that I want the most are Corviknight, Copperajah, and Duraludon.

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Just use the Max Soup if you have the DLC.
If you get the wild area news whenever there is a gigantamax event, you see em all over the place. Right now copperajah is one of them
Time-skipping technique for cycling the contents of raid dens (that still works with the latest patch): https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/343778/?show=343789#c343789

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As mentioned before, you can use Max Soup on a regular Corviknight, Copperajah, or Duraludon to give them the G-max factor. Also, G-max Copperajah can be found easily due to the current Max Raid event.

You can find G-max Corviknight in this den, G-max Copperajah in this den (regularly), and G-max Duraludon in this den.

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You can find Rookidee early on Route 1.
You can find Copperajah easily in Hammerlocke Hills (just straight ahead of the gate into Hammerlocke).
You can find Duraludon easily in Giant's Seat (around the rock structure by lake).

Here is a video from Austin John Plays that can help you find G-Max Pokémon:
Thank you so much!! :)