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This thing is pure rock, and obviously attacks with its head, which In the Pokédex entries is describes as “Hard as iron”. It would make perfect sense for this thing to have rock head, is there a reason it doesn’t get it?

Lmao it's PokéDex even says that "Its skull withstands impacts of any magnitude." meaning no recoil (or less) recoil which is literally what Rock Head is

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Other than Game Freak Logic, one reason I can think of is the move Head Smash. Think about it, 165 base Attack stat with 150 base power with no cons besides that 80 accuracy. That would essentially make any in game Pokémon run away in fear. Especially in the later game when you learn Head Smah. You could just spam Head Smash and wreck everything in your way. Also, that would make things interesting in Competitive as well, especially in Rampardos' tiers when it's ability or hidden ability came out especially with Life Orb or a Choice Band.
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That would be pretty darn strong, makes sense. Thanks!
No problem!  Glad to help.