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I heard he is good


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Weezing is an odd one. He's kind of a mixed tank. He takes physical attacks, while launching mostly special moves. He's great for tanking out things, and switching into earthquakes, which in OU climate, are pretty common. He's mainly used for tanking, walling, and disrupting sets.

For tanking, he's got a decent physical movepool, and a great special movepool, ranging from things like thunderbolt, shadow ball, flamethrower, fire blast, dark pulse, Curse, venoshock, and payback- all great coverage moves.

For disrupting, he's got Destiny bond, Haze, Momento, , Pain Split, Will-o-wisp, clear smog,taunt, and torment.

The basic idea of Weezing is to ruin your opponent's sets and make them a helpless victim against you. Just be careful of things like Alakazam that can make short work of him. He works well with dark type pokemon that can switch in on psychic moves for immunity; In the same idea, he can switch in on the fighting types they're weak to.

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Weezing really isn't that bad!
With being a pure Poison type, it only has two weakness, Psychic, and Ground.
BUT! Weezing's Levitate ability covers that Ground weakness with an immunity, leaving only one weakness.

As for Weezing's base stats overall, its defense is really great! You can take advantage of that!
You could take a few hits before using Explosion!

Weezing has a pretty large movepool, so l'm sure there are tons of strategies people may have come up with.

You can even make it somewhat of a Tank, by either Egg breeding Curse, or Stockpile!
Weezing's stats may not be that great, but with such a large movepool, it has the potential to do a lot.
It learns a lot of Special moves, so you could always make it special (lt's Sp. Attack isn't as low as its Attack)
Weezing can cover a lot of types, which don't have to be its own, but for your entire team!
lt can learn a lot of great Special moves for coverage like Sludge Bomb for STAB, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower and Dark Pulse.

If you want to train one, you can always browse other ideas from the Moveset Question. ~