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So I caught azelf last night so I left the nameless cavern to go heal then I saved and turned of my 3ds so then I come back with the same exact team and the nameless cavern wont show up

If you have any idea why this is happing plz help

I believe that those locations are time based. Try going back at the same time of day as before.
My bad, only the Pokemon which appear inside Hoopa’s rings are time based. The only reason I can think of which would cause the island not to appear is if you have accidentally lowered the friendship of one of your team members by repeated fainting or “bitter medincine” items such as the energy root and revival herb.
Yea it was because my sceptil started hating me
Glad it worked!
Me 2 lol now I am 1 step closer to shiny hunting a giritana

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I think you have to wait 24-48 hours before going back. It iften took mine longer then 24 hours.

I already got them it was because dumb sceptile started hating me lol