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So, this may or may not be dumb. Please forgive me if it is.

The only time I've ever played Alola was Sun on release, and Ultra Moon also on release. I never beat either game.

So I'm halfwayish through my old and random save file on Ultra Moon and Rotom will not stop talking for one moment.

Is there a mute button or something in game.


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Just wait for a Roto Loto to appear (when his eyes start glowing yellow). Except never do the loto, leave it there forever and he should shut up :P. I may be wrong though, idk, but I remember this working for me.

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ah yes, how to slightly shut rotom up 101. thank you
Huh.  I never realized that.  Interesting.
Could've sworn you weren't allowed to do anything else until you finished his Loto
Nope, as long as you avoid tapping his eyes, you should be fine.
Really? I must be remembering wrong, then.
I lowkey just confirmed if you ignore him on his options he doesn't do anything else. It isn't Lotling me, but it seems ignoring his opinions is working well so far
Haha cool
this doesn't work, because every time u enter a new area, he says something regardless of his "eye status"
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Unfortunately, there is no way to get that stupid Rotom Dex to shut up. Very unfortunate.
Source: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/210930-pokemon-ultra-sun/77271642

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I really wish there was a way.
thanks, me too