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Guys I recently traded for a zygarde in Pokemon home and I'm super happy. Though is there any way for it to be removed from my account in any way? I want to make sure it's safe and is there any place I can put it for security in Pokemon to guarantee it wont be stolen by my brother that also uses our nintendo switch? Lol.

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Put it in a Poke Job. It won't appear in your PC Boxes or your party until you reclaim it, so unless your brother is a Sherlock Holmes, it should be "hidden."

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Umm, this is a weird question. If you keep the Pokemon in Pokemon Home and uninstall the app, then your Zygarde stays there but is unavailable because you uninstalled the app.

Other than that, I would recommend telling your brother if he did something like that you would do the same thing back to him. I used to do that all the time

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Smort solution.
Ok I will be back and he wont be there anymore.