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Just curious. The Pokemon would be in the Galar dex.

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It might be just me but.. what?
I don’t understand either. @POKEPOKE1234567 could you elaborate?
Perhaps an example would help?
likely answer: if she/he transfers a pokemon fro GO to HOME, and it was not discovered in SwSh, (e.g. swablu, zigzagoon etc), then would they, have the respective dex entry in their Shield account?

just a guess though, but that's what sounds right to me :)
Sry, I meant that is if I transfer a Pokémon that is in the Galar dex using Pokémon home to Swsh, would I get the dex entry?

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Transferring Pokémon through HOME to a game will cause you to get the Pokédex entry if you don’t already have it. However, the game will not tell you it has more entries, but they will be there in your Pokédex.

(PS. Same goes for Pokébank)

Source:Experience, I use Pokémon HOME a lot.