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I’m just curious to see what the new minimum level bounds are. I got a level 11 Azelf so I wonder what else can be really low leveled (lower level than previously available in the game).

I was going to answer this until i saw you mentioned a minimum for each legendary/mythical

I have gotten a level 1 meltan from this, so obviously, the bare minimum is 1,  but since it varies from pokemon species, event, and max cp for that pokemon and event, that makes it a tad bit more complicated
You could get a lot of level 5 legendaries in dream world like the genies the beasts and the creation trio
True. The creation trio could also be obtained at level 1.
Oh that's right if you had an arceus in hgss you could get one at lvl one
“...which can be sent from Go to Home”

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The lowest is meltan which can be level 1 but also some legendaries such as latios can be level 15. He shows this in the video as well as how to get fully evolved lvl 1 mons.


Some legendaries can be level 15 but like which ones. Also I can’t use YouTube videos as sources