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In the past, I've seen people transfer illegal Pokemon into home such as AZ Floette, or shiny Hoopa or megas, etc, but now in 2022 when I try to transfer AZ Floette or mega or Hoopa Unbound form, Zygarde 100%, Ash Greninja and weirdest of the bunch, shiny original color Magearna, it doesn't work.

Is this patched out and is there anyway around it? I was traded AZ Floette back years ago and it has a special place to me. I didn't transfer it the first time around Home came out but now I'm trying to. It just says the transfer failed over and over. So what is it?

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Those Pokemon were never able to be transferred. In this video by Blaines, he shows that when you hack in AZ Floette in Pokemon Home, (because it can't be transferred,) for some reason, it fills your Pokedex.

The bottom line is that you can't transfer clearly illegal Pokemon. You can hack them into Pokemon Home with the proper gear.

in the video he says other people can try it if they have a az floette i dont think they forced home to take the floette from bank people in the comments tried it i think people from when the video was dropped got it but theres some comments saying it didnt work for them or worked differently from the video so its all kind of confusing my guess is they patched it out the servers?
Yeah they patched it out. He is referencing if you have an AZ Floette in your Home from hacking.