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so... a few days ago I finally decided to reopen my half finished save file of UM.

I have wayyy too many Pokebeans. TOO MUCH.

I want to get rid of them. There's too many. I have no idea how I got them. I'm talking thousands of each.

I have no need for the plain beans.

How do I get rid of them?


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First, it's impossible to have more than 255 beans of any given kind. The count of "Plain Beans" and "Patterned Beans" depicts a cumulative sum of seven different colors in each of those varieties, so those two counters go up to a maximum of 1785.

Assuming you have all islands fully developed, you can't use that as an outlet for getting rid of any more. Still, there are other ways to get rid of them:

  • In Pokemon Refresh, you can use the pull-out menu in the top left, select a bean, and simply drop it to the ground without letting your Pokemon eat it. This will elicit a stare of disapproval from the Pokemon, but otherwise carries no consequences besides losing the bean. Still, dropping beans this way has to be done one at a time for each bean, making it very slow.
  • By clicking the bottom right button in Poke Pelago, you can enlist Mohn to send out a Bean Bottle. This costs 7 plain beans, and can only be done once per day. Once you do this, you might occasionally start receiving bean bottles right back.
  • Every island has its own bean crate, to which you can feed up to 50 beans at a time as fuel to benefit that island's designated activity for limited amounts of time. The crate on Isle Abeens can be freely loaded up at any time; the crates on other islands can only be used if you have the activity currently running on at the moment, such as having at least one berry planted, or at least one Pokemon training on the equipment. If you feed 50 plain beans into a crate, it will run out of fuel (and therefore be eligible to fill up with another 50) after exactly 16 hours and 40 minutes of real time, regardless of how much of that time you actively spend with the game open. With 5 islands each to fill up the crates on, this can get rid of plain beans overall at an average rate of 4 minutes per bean, as long as you stick to the schedule.
  • Finally, another option exists...simply holding onto all the beans! They aren't exactly burning a hole in your pocket, nor are they taking up valuable inventory space that could be used by other items if not for their presence. Even if you're not using them, you might as well hang onto them regardless. Plus, you might even want to try and make the counters max out at 1785-1785-255 at some point, why deprive yourself of that milestone?
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i must've used my ds hacker back when i got the game because i'm way over the legal limit >~<  thank you
Oh no, i have a lot of time to burn and you just gave me a good idea. Now i feel like i should hit the milestone.
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You can send out Bean Bottles. Doing so will remove seven Poke Beans from your island. You can also have your Pokemon do things, like hunt for evolutionary stones, and deposit the maximum amount of Poke Beans in the crate to make it go faster. It may take a while, but it is absolutely possible to get rid of Poke Beans.

Alternatively, you can just cram every single one of your Pokemon full of beans.

Source: Experience

Hope I helped!

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i am absolutely devastated by this but thank you
Yeah, it'll take a while. Good luck.