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I've looked through the trial captains of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and it seems that Leafeon is mainly only super effective to Lana, Hapu and Olivia, but in Showdown, Leafeon seems to be really good against Psychic types, I have a Leafeon somewhere in Pokemon Bank or Pokemon Home that I would be trading, so would it be worth it or not.

What starter are you going to pick?
No in my opinion, stat wasn’t able it makes so much sweeping and grass type was pretty weak in all the generation. Movepool wasn’t that kind of good either.

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To be completely honest, sure. Leafeon has an decent Physical movepool in-game. These consist of Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Iron Tail and Facade. Luckily, Leafeon gets Swords Dance and Synthesis via level up which makes it a potent sweeper. If you over level Leafeon some, you can easily get off a Swords Dance and plow through most teams. Also, most of the TM's are available mid game, so that should not pose a problem. So, while Leafeon certainly isn't the best Choice, I believe that it's access to Swords Dance and Strong STAB makes it a decent option. One thing, Leafeon learns Leaf Blade at level 45, so it is rather late. Also, anything can work fine in-game, as long as you level it up enough. Hope this helps!

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Make sure to choose Rowlet though.  You will have a Type advantage against Hau's Primarina.
Okay. Thanks!
Hau only picks primarina if you pick decidueye
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