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Diglett can get caught super early in ultra-moon-and-sun, and I need a ground type to beat totem togedamaru. I've used mudsdale before but if you think so I could catch it again. Is Dugtrio good for Pokemon ultra moon and sun?

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Also I want to say one thing, When i caught my diglett in verdant cave its HP absolutely sucked and when i was fighting other pokemon it hit first sure, but it mostly got one shotted or 2 shotted.

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Alolan Diglett is not a bad Pokemon, it has 90 base speed and 50 base attack. It has only 4 weaknesses and 10 resistances, so the type coverage is really good. Upon evolution it has 100 physical attack and 110 speed, so it is fast and hits hard. Togedamaru is an electric steel type, electric does zero damage and steel does half so I think that Dugtrio is a good Pokemon for this situation.

Note that it also is amazing against olivia, with a double resist to her stab moves
Yeah that too.
Hmm, 4 weaknesses isn't the best, but 10 resistances is awesome.