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Is it possible you can get meltan in ultramoon or transfer into ultramoon. On the website, it said it's tradeable?

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Pokemon DB says all Pokemon can be traded. If a Pokemon can't be traded, then that's the website's fault.

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You cannot obtain Meltan in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon through any method. Meltan can be obtained in LGP/E via Pokemon Go and Sword/Shield via Pokemon Home transfer.

"Trade/migrate from another game" means the Pokémon cannot be obtained in that game or it means the Pokémon is an event-exclusive Pokémon. Also if a Pokémon is a version-exclusive Pokémon (example: Alolan Vulpix is only available in Ultra Sun, but Alolan Sandsrew is only available in Ultra Moon), then "Trade/migrate from another game" is possible.

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That's what I thought, but meltan page it said it can??
Oh, you are talking about when a Pokémon's location says, "Trade/migrate from another game". That most of the time means the Pokémon cannot be obtained in that game. It can also mean the Pokémon is an event.
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Unfortunately you can't