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Meltan requires 400 candies to evolve into Melmetal. What is the quickest way to get that many candies?

Methods of getting it's candies include catching multiple Meltan (approx 3 per), transferring Meltan caught from Mystery Box to Professor Willow (1 per), having Meltan as buddy and walk 20km (1 per 20kms), and transferring Meltan from GO to Let's Go.
I mean, you could catch one as your buddy, catch others, and give them to Professor Willow all at the same time. Even if you do that, I'm pretty sure leveling it in Lets Go is faster. :P
It's not backwards compatible with GO, though. Also, Meltan ONLY evolves in GO.
If you use a Pinap Berry on Meltan before catching it (in Go), you'll get 6 candies instead of 3.
And Pinap Berries can only be obtained via PokéStops and Raids?
Yes, but you have to be a certain level before they’ll appear (I believe it’s either 10 or 15).
So, what is the fastest way to get 400 Meltan candies? Despite the fact that the Mystery Box can only stay open for 30mins and, after that, won't open for a week.

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Walk in a strait line when using the box so more meltan will appear also feed them lot's of pinap berries. I don't recommend it but, you can walk with it though it takes 20 km. But I hope this helps.

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Good enough. I appreciate it.
Also, if you’re patient enough, you can wait for a Double Candy event, which would give you 6 instead of 3 candies per Meltan caught, and 12 candies if a Pinap Berry is used. But again, you’d have to wait for this to happen, and there’s no way to know when the next one will be until it is announced.
Ok. When did it normally come out and how long did it last?
The events are usually tied to real-world holidays, like Halloween or Valentine’s Day, and can last anywhere between a few days to up to 2 weeks.