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In one of the Pokemon trailers, it shows a Rockruff following the trainer, but is that because it's the special event Rockruff or can every Pokemon follow you, similarly to HeartGold and SoulSilver?

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I found a vid showing walking animations for all 802 Pokemon.
That video was uploaded in December of 2016, more than six months before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced.
^ What point does that prove?
Are you talking about my comment? Well, because the video was uploaded more than half a year before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out, that means that the walking animations in that video aren't from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
Nobody knows yet, but I think so. Actually, I hope so.
Sadly, Pokemon will not follow you in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Some Pokemon in the game are far too huge for that, and some Pokemon may cause lag (while you cannot catch Moltres in Sun and Moon, it can cause a lot of lag when it's in battle).
Edited the question slightly, so that it doesn't assume knowledge on the subject (i.e. 'we don't know' can be a valid answer).
The video means, that nintendo are already preparing to to show, possibly and probably ingame, Pokemon walking and running, making it likely that they are preparing to impliment everyone's favorite mechanic in an upcoming game! Also, I'm pretty sure that those sprites were found in S/M's code, suggesting that they may have wanted to, but scrapped it. so everyone hoped it would be in USUM! Or nintendo might have left them there just as a hint for the hackers who go through every new game's code.

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A lot of people hope so, but for now there is no way to know for sure. For all we know, someone could just have made that video to trick us (who knows why people do this stuff). Right now, all we can do is wait.

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USM releases in about a month. Why can't you wait until then to make sure your answer is correct and THEN answer?
Because i would of bought the game as well.
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Pokemon do not follow you in US/UM. However, there are Pokemon around the region that can be interacted with, which at times will follow you a very short distance as you play with them. There is unfortunately no way to get your own Pokemon to follow you.