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I asked so because in the Pokèdex entries of most games specifies that Spoink will die if it stopped bouncing with it's tail! If so, how it recovers after getting a faint or paralysis, that obstructs the movement of It?

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Remember the PokéDex sometimes is wrong theory?
Yes, as SYL! noted; for example, Doduo and Dodrio can't fly according to the Dex but they can learn Fly by HM/TM.
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Remember the PokéDex sometimes is wrong theory?


The Pokedex has noticeable places where it's wrong, or extremely hard to believe the information provided. Here's part of Magcargo's Dex entry from Sapphire:

MAGCARGO’s body temperature is approximately 18,000 degrees F.

That's hotter than the surface of the Sun. Does that sound accurate? Nope. Let's try Kadabra's Dex entry from Fire Red:

It happened one morning - a boy with extrasensory powers awoke in bed transformed into KADABRA.

Yeah, that doesn't sound very accurate either. How's that even possible?

The Pokedex also claims that Magneton's weight is over triple that of Magnemite's -- which doesn't make sense, considering that it's just three Magnemite stuck together.

So it's clear that the Pokedex makes a variety of errors, and not everything it says should be believed. Therefore, it's not a large stretch to think that the Pokedex simply was mistaken about Spoink.

TL;DR: It's probable that Spoink can indeed survive even if it stops bouncing, as the Pokedex has been known to make errors on other Pokemon.

Hope I helped!

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Haven't you seen the theory about how the 18.000 degrees Farenheit thing is possible/could make sense?
No, actually. What's that?
apparently it's about how because the sun is so big it makes everything warmer and small things with the same amount of degrees make it less warm or something in a nutshell
Huh, interesting.