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I thought it had no difference, but I looked up Toxtricity and it DID have a differnce, so I was wondering if the same was for potlergiest


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The only difference between the Phony Form and Antique form is that if Sinistea Phony requires the Cracked Pot to evolve, while Antique requires the Chipped Pot to evolve. However, The Antique form does have a mark of Authenticity on the underside to determine. These are the only differences.
Source: https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-swsh/polteageist/#:~:text=Polteageist has a unique special form only available,any Antique Form parents produce Forgery Form offspring

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Antique needs the Chipped Pot to evolve.
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No, Antique Polteageist is the same as regular Polteageist, the change is purely cosmetic, like shinies.

Really, Antique Polteageist is only different because it's a trophy, as it's very rare.

So, there is no difference except for the authenticity stamp, visible when it Dynamaxes.

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I've also heard that sinestea evolves into one or the other differently right?
Sorry Y, jhnfui's is more detailed