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Besides the obvious appearence and the fact that Keldeo Resolution Form is only available in B/W 2, what is so different?? I can't seem to find it.

They have the same stats, abilities, moves. Is this really a cosmetic thing??

Keldeo - Ordinary
Keldeo - Resolution Form

Keldeo - Resolution

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the moving sprite makes it look like a unicorn. :3

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Sadly there is just purely appearance. It also has to have secret sword to transform, in doing so transforms permanently. If you remove the move, it will go back to Usual Forme.

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Thank you for letting me down gently.......  :(
Actual keldeo can have secret sword in b/w 1 and not transform
Different horns
Dragonuser, he can only transform in BW2...................
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since many Pokemon either have stats that lean towards either physical, or magical def. Secret sword can be a deadly ace card. since keldeo attack is special attack. most opponents would normally switch in special defense type Pokemon. if they see second form, they may make a critical error. knowing you have secret sword based on keldeos appearance, they may switch in something with high physical def. which most likely will screw up their elemental strategy. either way, if they switch, or don't, keldeo has the upper-hand.