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So I was Wonder Trading in Sword and Shield and I got a Lilligant and a Centiskorch named Machamps.com, a Cinderace named Pkmlab.com, and a Eevee named eevee.vip. They are all shiny and Lvl.100, Cinderace and Centiskorch are G-Max, and Eevee has Pokerus.

I looked the names of them all and it took me to strange websites that make no sense. WIll anyone shine some light on this for me?

Pkmlab.com is a Pokemon hacking website to give G-Max, Shiny, 6 Perfect IVs, and Pokerus.
eevee.vip is a Discord server

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Machamps.com is a website that advertises their hacked Pokemon by giving them out over Surprise Trade. The other ones more than likely do this as well, as the chances of anyone trading these Pokemon, and then being legitimate, is very slim.

Hope I helped!

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I thought it might've been something like that, I was just wondering if anyone knew for sure. Thanks!
Happy to help!