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I mean it has 125 sp atk and 120 speed, yet it's ranked RU and I have rarely ever seen it. It's movepool doesn't seem too bad, so why isn't it used

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It is mostly because Inteleon is outclassed by Sweepers such as Rotom-W and Special Dragapult. Inteleon overall has a very shallow movepool and usually relies on Choice Specs to do heavy damage. As a result of its shallow movepool consisting of Air Slash, Ice Beam and Hydro Pump, it struggles to take down common threats like Ferrothorn, along with other Walls and even sweepers. In addition, it is very frail. This usually results in a 1 or 2 Hit KO for the opponent. Also, it has basically no coverage for its weaknesses. Sure it has Ice Beam, but if you don't kill that, it is going to kill you. So, its shallow movepool and it being outclassed by Sweepers with better potential along with its Horrible bulk led to it being in RU.
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The problem is the movepool is bad. The options it gets don't cover anything useful, except for Ice Beam/Air Slash for Grass types (Mud Shot is too weak to cover Electric types, STAB Snipe Shot/Surf does more damage). Water also isn't the best offensive typing and is usually a more defensive typing, but Inteleon has paper thin defenses and HP. The bad bulk also hinders it from taking advantage of Snipers full potential, as Inteleon is too frail to set up a Focus Energy. Finally, it's outclassed by basically every bulky water type, and outclassed by a lot of offensive water types (ex. Primarina) who can do more than just spam attacks.

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