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I have never seen a hail team anywhere. So if there are teams, what are some common pokes in it?

What format?
I'm pretty sure Beartic, Abomasnow, and Vanilluxe are used pretty often on hail teams.
Umm just in general. Like I never heard of it on VGC or seen it on showdown, so I'm confused
I think gen 4 vgc hail team was used simply because it disrupts the weathers of Groudon, Kyogre and Tyranitar. It even allows Mewtwo to use blizzard instead of ice beam
umm so can anyone answer it

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Not really in gen 8. Hail is probably the least used weather. Ice just isn't a very good type, and there aren't really any good hail sweepers either. Alolan Ninetales is used sometimes to set Aurora Veil, but it's not very common in gen 8 because Lapras VMAX is usually better.

Alolan Ninetales is the most common hail setters I've seen. There's also Abomasnow and Vanilluxe, but they're not as good imo. The only hail sweeper I've ever seen is Beartic with Slush Rush. If there's others, they're probably not that good.

In conclusion, if you mean in gen 8, no. I don't think it was good in gen 7 or 6 either, don't really know anything about before then.

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Adding and expanding to this...  while Ice is a very useful offense type for moves, it is fairly uncommon to see a Pokemon that is actually Ice type, due to the fact they are weak to virtually every common move type.  They take super effective damage from Fire, Rock, Fighting, and Steel types.  Simultaneously, they only resist a single type -- themselves, as Ice Types.

Moreover, there are only a handful of Pokemon that are Ice type that are considered "powerful".  Weavile is a great revenge killer with attractive physical Attack and Speed, but it's defenses are paper thin and a fairly stale, if effective, movepool.

On the subject of weather teams, specifically, Hail is also the weakest form of weather.  Rain halves Fire moves, boosts Water moves, and triggers a number of abilities.  Sun halves Water, boosts Fire, thaws any Frozen Pokemon on the field, and triggers a few abilities, with some additional effects on specific moves.  Even Sand does a fair amount, not affecting Rock, Steel, and Ground types, while boosting Special Defense of Rock Types, and triggering a couple of abilities.

Hail, on the other hand....  doesn't hurt Ice types.  And that's it.  You can use Aurora Veil during a Hailstorm, and then stack it with dual Screens for double the effectiveness, but all 4 of those effects only last 5 turns innately, and you've just filled an entire Pokemon's movepool to pull it off.
Even with the screens under hail, it's not gonna be that great of an idea. Sure it might seem good on paper but your opponent can easily troll you by letting you set up veil and dual screens only for him or her to defog it away
I use my evil Froslass XDD