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I found a shiny Carbink while SOS chaining to find a Sableye for my Pokedex and...... I'm so confused. Is it okay? What is it? Is it good? these defences for me like ♡♡♡♡ but.... is it useless? Is he with using in game at all?

Binkie, level 45
Bold nature
Clear Body

Most anything can work in game, not sure how Carbink fares in competitive, though.
He said ingame
What was your starter?
yikes, sorry guys. I already beat the game, I mean more for the game in general rather than in game playthrough. I would also like some competitive views too, as i may eventually use it
Not sure what you mean. "more for the game in general"? What?
like, post game, shiny hunting, yknow. just playing?
Ah, like a catcher Pokemon? Got it , I'll edit my answer.

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Carbink's attack stats are pretty bad, so it wouldn't be my first choice. However, against the League, its STAB moves can hit two of Acerola's team super effectively, along with Kahili's entire team, and a good chunk of of Hau's team. There are better Rock and Fairy types out there, though, so I really wouldn't recommend Carbink for in-game play. But it of course works, as does everything ingame.

As a Pokemon designated to catch other Pokemon, Carbink is not too good, as you have things like Absol that work better. It can learn Skill Swap, so if you're trying to catch a Pokemon with an Ability that you don't want on it while you try to catch it, that could be an option. It doesn't learn False Swipe or Thunder Wave, so it's not good in that regard either. Overall, not a good Pokemon to catch others with.

Bear in mind I don't know a lot about Gen 7 competitive, but I could see this thing as a Screen Setter, with access to both Light Screen and Reflect. Give it a Light Clay to prolong the Screens, and your teammates can put in work. It learns Hail, Sandstorm, and Sunny Day, so it could be a really bad weather setter. It can also set up Stealth Rock, to cripple opponents. it can also learn Trick Room, but there are better TR setters.

In conclusion, Carbink isn't a very good Pokemon at, well, anything. It can work, but not as well as other things.

Hope I helped, and congrats on the shiny!

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If you mean for ingame, probably not. It's defenses are really good, (like you said), but it's attacking stats are really bad, which is probably the most important thing for an ingame team. I would probably use it anyways, though, just because it's shiny. You just have to overlevel it a lot. The main story in Ultra Sun and Moon is really easy anyways, so you should be fine. Go for it if you want to, but it probably won't perform nearly as well as your other Pokemon.

Also, it's speed is really bad, too, so you might get outsped a lot, even if you overlevel it.

https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/carbink (every base stat is 50, except for defense and special defense, which is 150.)