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I mean it has great spatk


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Alolan Exeggutor has a slew of very exploitable weaknesses, including a 4x to Ice Beam, which is probably the 2nd most common attacking move in the game, after EQ, and a 2x weakness to U-Turn. That, coupled with its rather mediocre bulk, and atrocious speed stat makes our eggy friend unable to have a niche in RU or higher, since its weaknesses are just that common. Except on gimmicky Trick Room teams. However, in NU it is a monster, capable of sweeping teams in a moment's notice thanks to its massive special attcking movepool and huge SpA that can be further boosted by Choice Specs. It is able to check things like Wishiwashi, Jellicent, Lanturn, Gastrodon, Runerigus, and Sandaconda, among others.

*Also Alolan Exeggutor is in NU not PUBL

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It's outclassed by other special Dragon type sweepers with a better movepool. Being Grass/Dragon does it no compliments either, with a 4x weakness to Ice, and weaknesses to Poison, Bug, Flying, Dragon, and Fairy. Alolan Exeggutor has very bad speed, but no defenses either so it can't tank anything before firing back.

It also has 45 base speed I think
Also not very good sp def so it can't tank very well
Yeah it's speed is pretty horrendous.
Sorry kyogre. I thought snom's was better
Man that's two BAs today