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110 Attack, 110 Apeed, access to Knock Off, Jump Kick, and Brave Bird? The only thing I see bad about this bird is the abilities. It can do Toxic Orb + STAB Facade, and it could also run a Choice Band because of its great 110 Speed. Why is it only PU?

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Easy answer: because anything it can do something else can do better.
that's true. Kangaskhan and Stoutland are better even in PU.

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It has low defenses, its movepool is pretty small, and it can't compete with other normal-and flying types. Zangoose is a better status abuser. The evasion boost from Tangled feet won't even matter because its RNG and it just gets worn down by toxic orb anyway. Kangaskhan and Stoutland are better in PU, and it doesn't stand a ghost of a chance in even NU with its low defenses. It gets bashed repeatedly by the many things that can take its attacks in that tier. Despite this, Dodrio is still one of PU's best wallbreakers, with its offensive stats, which are pretty good for the tier, however it lacks the offensive power and speed to be worth using in higher tiers.

Also, Stellar Lucario is right lol

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ayyyy Cx ty snom
Kangaskan has lower attack and speed, and so does stoutland...
And hawlucha is OU with nearly the same defenses.....
And dodrio has better attack, and very nearly Same speed as hawlucha...
Hawlucha has higher speed and a bigger movepool but I do agree Hawlucha in OU is a stretch. Also, Kangaskhan has some bulk at least, but even still Stoutland outclasses Kangaskhan. Stoutland is probably the best normal type in the tier due to its access to both Scrappy and Intimidate. Stoutland has solid bulk and Choice Scarf+Scrappy lets it spam Return or Double-Edge freely. Also, smogon logic
Ok. Thanks!
Hawlucha is in OU because of Unburden and a Grassy Seed/Focus Sash with Rillaboom as one of its teammates for the Grassy Seed set.

I don't think its that crazy that Hawlucha is in OU, to be honest.
I didn't even think about how Stoutland got Scrappy. I often see it with Intimidate to give it artificial bulk.