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Well, male doduos and dodrios have black neck while the female have brown... You can see that Doduo have black neck
<< Male
<< Female

You can see that doduo have black neck, it's a male.

But when it evolved to Dodrio, the color of neck change to light brown, the color of the female dodrio....
<< Male
<< Female

I got confused, what is the real gender of Gary's Dodrio?

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images from Bulbapedia and Sprites.Pokechek
It had a sex change operation.
^This actually is the only explanation really. Unless Dodrio are one of those species that can change their gender, but considering they are birds, and not amphibians where that trait is most common, sex change operation is the most likely answer.
Turns out there are better explanations. I knew some sleuthing would turn up the answer that wasn't me being a joker.

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While this doesn't add on to anything for the "Is it Male or Female?" answers of previous (unless Doduo evolved in seasons later than Gen III), this does provide some solid explanation to the change in neck color.

You can see in the Gen I sprites that Doduo and Dodrio both have black necks, correct? If you need to see the sprites, check out this site for the information.

If you look at later Generations, you can see that Dodrio has had a change in neck color. Gen II and III had it as a white neck color. Gen IV and later split it so that Male Dodrio and Female Dodrio had different neck colors.

Now, Doduo was introduced in the Gen I seasons, of that I am sure. I'm not sure when it evolved (due to bulbapedia being offline at the moment) but there are some paths this can go in.

If Doduo evolved into Dodrio in the Gen II or Gen III seasons, then it can be either male or female, seeing as sprites were not split by gender back then.

If Doduo evolved into Dodrio in Gen IV seasons, then it is a female.

Edit: Thanks Kyron!

Turns out, Doduo evolved in a season that appears to take place in the events early in Gen III. As such, we cannot know the gender of Dodrio. However, if it appears in the later in the Gen V seasons with a white neck, it can be safe to assume that it is a female. If it is black, we can assume it is Male. That is if it appears ever again.

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Well seeing as this is the first season of pokemon mistakes like this happened all the time. You just have to deal with it. Cant really tell you as they never said it was male or female.

Edit:Or maybe its a different Doduo he caught and we just didnt know.

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