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I've tried so many combonations to get a dodrio and an electrike. What's the best combo of mud, food, and balls?

I Usually Try To Get Luck And Catch It With A Ball.
heehee me too..

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I have diamond so you can disregard this if you wan to. It seems easier to catch a pokemon in the safari zone with a higher lvl pokemon in the first slot of the party. I usually try to throw a ball first to "try to get lucky" so i have a shot in case it runs away. Then i throw food to see if they stay. If they stay then I hrow a mud ball. This is what I do but the perfect combo depends on the pokemon and yourself as a trainer what you feel works. I know this was long but I hope i helped.

He said Safari Zone... You can't use your Pokemon in there, except for HMs.
I know but i didnt say he pokemon would be used. It just feels like having a higher lvl pokemon in the front makes the pokemon easier to catch.
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There is no special combination. It's all based on luck. After each turn, there is a chance it will run. If you use:

  • Bait/Food: More likely that the Pokemon will stay in, but harder to catch.
  • Mud: More likely that the Pokemon will run away, but easier to catch.
oh well...
I thought bait was more likely to run away and mud was more likely to stay.