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Most people boost their own Pokemon with moves like Calm Mind, Swords Dance, and other boosting moves. And for good reason -- lowering an opponent's stats is easy to clear away, as the opponent can just switch out. With this in mind, are there any instances in which lowering an opponent's stats is better than raising your own?

Paralysis and Burns are good examples, that is if you are including them.

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Well, support Pokemon in doubles prefer to the stats of their opponents.

Why? Because there is almost no switching in doubles, and pressuring the opponent to switch can lead to a predicted KO. Pokemon in doubles usually prefer to stay in until they faint, but if they're an attacker and their stats are lowered, you will either have to switch or deal with doing lesser damage.

Raising your own stats in doubles is fine, but it's more effective (in my opinion) to just lower the opponents attacking stats so you can stay in the battle longer.

The most notable stat lowering Pokemon, from what I've seen, is Incineroar. With Intimidate, Snarl, and Parting Shot, it can keep switching out and lowering offensive stats. This gives its teammates "fake" bulk, even though they might not actually be bulky, with the opponents Attack and Special Attack lowered, it seems like they are.

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