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When I was younger I would only use attack moves and did not have much troble. Now I try to use stat raising moves and I feel as if I am doing the same.


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Stat Raising Moves Are Great. Ones That Lower Your Oppoenets however, are pretty useless. Usually, Its Dumb to bother to raise your stats unless your opponet has more than 1 pokemon. Think about it. Say im Using Scyther. Im battling a Team Rocket Grunt with a Zubat, a Muk, and a Koffing. I Probably cant kill each pokemon in 1 hit, so if I Use Swords Dance, I can 1 HIT KO all of my opponets pokemon with only 1 turn of set up. If Your Opponet has only 1 Pokemon, Usually Raising Your STats is pretty pointless becuase it kinda wastes a turn, asafter using SD, if you can two hit KO the opponet anyway, using sd will be the same as hitting it with 2 attacks. Hope I explained well.

Lowering opponents accuracy and defense and attack (specials included) is useful if your pokemon doesn't learn any stat raising moves. Especially lowering accuracy.
Some times if the oponents pokemon is stronger than your pokemon lowering it's stats will be better.
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Well if you are in the begginig of the game using
leer then tackle would be the same as tackle and tackle
so probably it is the same.
but if you use like 3 moves to kill it will be better to use
leer tackle tackle than tackle tackle tackle.
but further in the games(of couse it depends on your pokemon)if your pokemon has more def or hp it's gonna be worth it,if your pokemon only have atak and speed it wont be better.
but I think you should have stat raising moves.
it is definetly worth it.
and you can make a battle strategy with stat raising.

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Definitely! Stat raising moves are awesome! they can help you a lot when it comes to Gym Leader's battling and Elite Four. Why? The best thing is to have an opportunity to heal or KO the foe easily. Of course it depends on the pokemon using it. Another note: not every pokemon (In-game) should have stat raising moves. Enjoy your strategic battling!