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So I was poking around gen 7 ou, and I saw Mega latias in ou. Nothing wrong with that until I scrolled down some more and saw that latios and mega latios were in UUBL. Then, I realized that latias wasn't in ou and I searched it using the search bar and found it in UU. What is the explination for each one? (And while does mega latias tier ou, but latias tier uu, but mega latios and latios both tier uubl?)


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Latias and its Mega Evolution are solid Pokemon in the OU metagame thanks to a few traits. Mega Latias is incredibly bulky, which, combined with its access to Calm Mind, Roost, and Stored Power, makes it a powerful sweeper. Mega Latias also makes for a solid Defog user because of its typing and access to coverage moves such as Thunderbolt and Ice Beam, allowing it to check and threaten common Stealth Rock users like Landorus-T, Heatran, and Mega Swampert.


By unanimous council vote, Latios and Latiosite have both been banned from UU. The sheer offensive power of Latios was simply too much for the tier. Boasting a significantly better Special Attack than the already-threatening Latias, Latios was able to provide an unreasonable amount of pressure, especially once Z-crystals came into play, leaving it all but impossible to properly check and counter. The sheer power of its Z-Draco Meteor was enough to power through almost any non-Fairy, even breaking relatively bulky resists like Scizor, and with the ability to effectively hit from both sides of the spectrum thanks to Psyshock and the freedom to run a variety of moves, the council felt it was simply too much for the tier. Mega Latios lacked some of the immediate firepower of the Z-crystal versions, but traded that in for significantly improved bulk: an uninvested Mega Latios boasted the same Special Attack as regular Latios, and that firepower combined with excellent Speed and 80/100/120 defenses left it every bit as deadly as its non-Mega counterpart.


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That makes soo much more sense now. Thanks!
I showed you the source a week before I posted this answer. Why did this not make sense back when you had the link and could have clicked it?
There were a lot of answers and made it harder to understand
Threads that announce bans usually have "suspect", "ban", or "NP" in their titles. The post that announces and explains the ban is usually either the first one or the one that has votes from a bunch of council members.