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I need an Ultra beast that would be a great Wall. Can you also tell me which one Has the best stat in each category.
Ex. Attack: Kartana (Idk if that's correct)

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What format are you playing?
Just going to take the ultra beast to the pokemon league. To have fun in game.
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In-game, you don't really need a wall, as hyper offense is the way to go. However, I would say the best wall is Stakataka. Its Defense stat is monstrous, Its Special Defense is respectable, and its Attack is quite good. All these together make Stakataka serve as a solid wall, especially in-game.

Celesteela is more well-rounded in defenses and offense, and it could actually be considered a better wall than Stakataka. It could also serve adequately.

Guzzlord has the highest HP, at 223.
Kartana has the highest Attack, at 181.
Stakataka has the highest Defense, at 211.
Xurkitree has the highest Special Attack, at 173.
Nihilego has the highest Special Defense, at 131.
Pheromosa has the highest Speed, at 151.

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Well, nihlego has high sp def and can be used as a special tank. Statataka is an amazing psyical wall, but is destroyed by the ×4 weakness to ground and fighting. So, for defense, I would recommend celesteela, and amazing tank with leech seed. It's perfect for leech seed and protect, along with the move automize, gyro ball, heavy slam(none of them work together, I know) Flamethrower and others. It has good defense and a good movepool, and so is better the stataktaka in my opinion. And, while nihlego isn't the best sp def tank because of ×4 ground weakness, it's the best of the ubs and would be a good special tank. Overall, celesteela is probably the best tank though.

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