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I have no idea if that makes sense, but here I go.

I'm using this site to help me track my shiny odds, and I notice something called B(n,p). What is that? What does it mean, and what is it telling me?


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B(n,p) is a standard notation for the binomial distribution. Without getting into the maths, it is telling you what your chance of getting a Shiny is given n attempts and p chance of getting a Shiny in each attempt.

The field below that is telling you how much higher n needs to be for B(n,p) to be at least 90%.

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I just noticed that website has an explainer in its about page, which might give a little bit more clarity: https://shinytrack.night.coffee/#/shiny/about
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Well, it appears to be something called binomial distribution? It's a math thing that I don't really understand, but yeah, that's what I could find.

Hope this helps! :)

Oh god, not that thing again. Ill wait to BA just in case someone else can explain what that means in regarding shinies though, i hope you understand :)
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