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So I have for a few weeks now been trying to get a ditto with good IVs for breeding and a destiny knot to help with chances of transferring perfect IVs however I am having absolute terrible luck with getting either. So here comes my question of if there's a good way to go about breeding without these two until I can actually get the luck to get them. I currently have a set of two skarmories I want to breed, one has a perfect IV in speed while another has 4 perfect IVs all in HP, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense however both skarmories are males so I am incapable of breeding them together and do not know how I should go about trying to transfer IVs to get the perfect IVs onto a single skarmory (note: I do not care to transfer the Sp. Attack IV since I won't be making use of skarmory's Sp. Attack so we can leave that out of the equation.) I am aware from what I have been told that three IVs transfer randomly from the parent Pokemon however I am also confused on if it means three IVs transfer from one parent while three other IVs transfer from the other parent or if it is just flat out only 3 IVs. So with the two male skarmories, one with a perfect Speed and the other perfect HP, Defense, Sp. Defense, and Sp. Attack, and no destiny knot or good IV ditto is there a good way to go about trying to breed these IVs onto a single Skarmory?

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It's just 3 IVs out of the 12 total from the parents. There's no way to get a Pokemon with perfect IVs without a destiny knot except DexNav Chaining for a 3-Star Potential Skarmory and hoping for 2 extra perfect IVs ( A VERY low chance) or breeding two Skarmory with at least 3 IVs and hoping for two more perfect IVs (Again, a very low chance) so I'd recommend just getting a good ditto and a destiny knot. An ORAS ditto giveaway can be found here and find a destiny knot by fighting Lois and Hal in Sea Mauvile (Best method by user Gruuler here).
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I think the Ditto from that giveaway already comes holding a destiny knot