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OK, so, I was in the Forest of Focus crossing a bridge. I don't have a bike yet, nor have I beat the first gym. I was watching TV while I was playing and got a bit distracted, and suddenly I was on a bike. I was super confused and pressed the + button, which got rid of the bike as it would normally. I tried walking on the bridge again and nothing happened. My game didn't do that after.

I've never used cheats or glitched the game on purpose, and I have no idea what happened. Is this a known glitch, and if not, has it happened to anyone else?

It's not a known glitch by Bulbapedia and other sites.
There is a glitch in sword and Shield in which that if you stand near water, or if you stand on a bridge, there is a chance that a bike might suddenly appear, for 0.1 seconds (or maybe 0.5), you may notice that it turns into the water bike and then turns back into the land bike.
Only .1 seconds? I could actually ride on the bike, and I rode off the bridge as well, and then I pressed +.
You can do that, I was mentioning that right when you trigger this glitch, it appears as a water bike and then changes to a normal bike you can ride around until you get off it. And the chances of triggering it again is low, I think you have to stand at an exact spot to get the glitch to work.
Apologies for not reading the question properly, I thought that they thought the bike appeared randomly and forgot they didn't have the bike yet.

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Hey Y, take a look at this video at about 4:05.

In the video, it shows that a Youtuber called Adam Rose and another called EletrikAlex managed to catch the same glitch on camera. He was crossing a bridge, and viola, the bike magically appears. It's believed that this is caused by the game thinking you're too close to water, therefore forcing the water bike to appear to save you from walking on water, before realizing it's mistake and reverting back to the normal bike.

It seems to be a rare, but yet decently known glitch.

I hope this helps!!

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Oh, thank you! This helped a lot! :)