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I’m 90% sure you can’t
yeah you can't, the price is 1,000,000 p while the player can only hold 999,999 p on them
Hes talking about what would happen if you hacked the game so you could buy it
Then I think it would depend on exactly how you hack the game, and different hacking methods will have different results.
If the price of the bike was changed, or if the amount of money you could carry was changed
A price change for the bike would be plausible, but I'm pretty sure that simply because of the way it's programmed you can't have more than the original maximum. My guess would be that it checks for the presence of the voucher and won't let you buy it.

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I think we will never know because the maximum of money that you can have is 999,999 until gen V, afterwards it's 9,999,999. Idk if there is a cheat that allow more than 999,999. So it's imposible to know!

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