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So watch this battle. Ok, so at turn 17 dragapult used dragon darts. It crit the first time, doing 40% of the opponents hp, then doesn't crit the next and does 60. Was it a showdown glitch, something I misread, or low damage rolls than high? Thanks


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If you look at the text being displayed on-screen, not in the record on the side, the critical hit message goes along with the 60%, not the 40%. This may just be a Showdown! glitch, but it does seem that it was correctly displayed in-battle.

hope I helped!

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Oh, weird so it was like a text lag. Huh, weird. Ok thanks :)
You're welcome!
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The critical hit occurred the 2nd hit, not the first. As a result, the possible damage tools are possible.
Source: The replay.

So the mystery is how did I get the exact same damage roll lol. Thanks to you too
Probably just luck.  And no problem!